Champion & TICA Grand Champion Jhardufae Rally Queen
Black & White – 67 31t
GR CH Nordlys Nicholas x CH Kurrajong Delores

I have always had a particular liking for black and white cats – I love solid Norwegians and would have a housefull if possible! You really need to look carefully at a good solid cat in order to see the lovely face shape and definition. Queeni is a big girl with a lovely nature – she is very playful and loves to retrieve – anything from rolled up paper to dog chews (German Shepherd sized ones are her favourites!).


Queeni is probably also one of my most vocal cats – she has a very squeaky greeting and will maww at you until she gets her cuddle – she loves to be picked up and literally throws the top half of her body at your face when being cradled in your arms. This lovely greeting has caused more than one session of streaming eyes and nose where she has whacked people in the eye or on the nose!